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Dreamweaver - ref by MythPony Dreamweaver - ref by MythPony
I finally made a real reference sheet for Dreamweaver :XD:

She is the main character of my story "Within" :  Within by MythPony

Bio: (this will be updated as "Within" progresses, to avoid spoilers)
Basic Info:
-During the timeline of "Within" Dreamweaver is a young adult, the equivalent age of a college student. (20-23 years old)
-Dreamweaver gained her iconic token, the "Dream Pen" the very first time that she summoned "The Bubble"  Within p22 by MythPony She very rarely takes it off.

Personal History before "Within"
-Dreamer was bullied as a young filly because "she's not a pony" (she was often called "Deerweaver" )  In fact, she was born with small white spots along her sides (like fawns) and often kept her wings folded against herself to hide them.
-Because nopony from her town had seen anything like The Bubble before, it was suggested that Dreamer attend the "Magical Safety" course taught in Celestia's school in Canterlot.  This class is mainly for unicorns that show signs of having either powerful or dangerous magic, to learn how to safely use magic, but sometimes special cases are accepted.
-Dreamweaver didn't grow up around deer, and knows very little about them, or about anything she may have inherited from her biological father aside from her small hooves, big ears, and jumping ability.  

Family and other Relationships
-Dreamweaver's mother is a white pegasus, and her biological father is a whitetail stag, which attributed to the coloration of her fur. (She is thankful that she took after her mother, and was lucky enough to have a pony tail)
-She has never met her biological father, and does not wish to.
-Dreamer considers her mother's husband her father, because he raised her since birth, and has loved and cared for her throughout her entire life.   She has never called him her step-father, and tends to get annoyed when other ponies try to insist that he should be thought of as "not your real father" and often insists that "He is my only father.  End of story." (She sometimes fantasizes about what she might have looked like if he was her biological father)
-Dreamweaver has a half-brother named Hellion, who is a red and white unicorn.  He attended a "Magical Safety" class in Canterlot several years before she did "When he was still a rebel"
-Dreamer has three siblings whom she is not close to for various reasons.  Two are half-siblings whom her biological father sired before Dreamweaver was born.  The other is a step-sister from her father's previous marriage.
-Her best friend is an earth pony, from their hometown, named "Misty" (ref sheet coming soon) and they have been friends since gradeschool

Random Facts
-Her favorite color is purple
-Dreamweaver really values her personal space, and dislikes unfamiliar ponies touching or hugging her.  She adamantly avoids being touched at all by anypony, unless she already knows them well, and is comfortable around them.
-She prefers lemonade to tea

The Bubble
-"The Bubble" is the term Dreamweaver's friends and family coined to describe the sphere of gold-tinted magical energy that surrounds Dreamer when she enters the "Dreamscape" (quick tip:  "Bubble" refers to the outisde, or reality, while "Dreamscape" refers to the inside, or imagination realm.  These terms are eventually used in conversations without much explanation, so now you'll be ready to follow along :XD: )
-The Bubble is impenetrable, and cannot be physically or magically moved.  
-The Dreamscape is literally just the inside of Dreamer's imagination.  This means that anything is possible, if it can be imagined.
-Because the Dreamscape is literally just a collection of thoughts, time seems to move much faster than in the real world.  60 times faster to be exact.  So, if a pony spends one hour in the Bubble, one minute will go by in reality
-Dreamweaver can will the Bubble to maintain real time, during which it loses its golden coloring, and becomes white-tinted and transparent.  It's still impenetrable and immovable, but also confines the occupants to the physical size of the magical ball.

Other Ages
toddler (first panel) :  Within p29 by MythPony
young child:  Within p16 by MythPony
teenager first two/three panels) :  Within p37 by MythPony

Dreamweaver and art are mine
SerenityDragonwing Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
I wanna know her backgroooooouuuuund
MythPony Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Then I would suggest you follow "Within"
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