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Main Character Counter

I wanted a place to keep track of the number of times I've drawn some of the main characters in my stories. Not just "how many submissions" but how many times I've drawn their bodies, or faces, and included it as part of an upload.

Dreamweaver: 198
Black Glitter: 134
Star: 22
Falcon: 11
Chakra Gem: 12
Lovebird: 1
Scout: 1
Eclipse: 1

Myth (because why not? :XD: )

(last updated: 6/24 )


Your thoughts on Silverhoof? 

19 deviants said Who is that?
6 deviants said I just picked this option to see what everyone else voted for
5 deviants said I like her
1 deviant said Is she your girlfriend or not?!
No deviants said I'm not a fan



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Starting this Saturday (today/tomorrow, depending what part of the earth you're on :XD: ) I'm going to start posting WIPs for everyone who entered a character in the Rainbow Group pic [CLOSED]

Anyone who's unfamiliar with WIPs: it stands for "work in progress" and I'll be posting a detailed sketch of your character, I'll tag you in it, or note you, so that if I've drawn something incorrectly, you can let me know, and I can fix whatever details are wrong.  

I'll also be posting the finished full-body image of each character, without background, to my Scraps, so that each owner can have a pic of just their character, in addition to their inclusion in the group picture (Also, because these are made for others, and not for myself, they will be signed, but not watermarked)

Finally, I'm planning on deleting this journal, and the previous one (which advertises the group picture, and has everyone's comments on it) after June is over, so that this journal will be featured on my page again:  Draw to Enter Raffle! Win up to 1,000 points!First off, I want to make it very clear that this is not a contest.
I will be submitting an illustration soon, to better explain everything in this journal
TL: DR at the bottom
Draw one of my OCs to enter:
You can choose any that you like, including any that are added during the rest of this year.
Remember to either link them back to this journal, or tag me somehow, so I know that you've posted up an entry
ALMOST FORGOT: If you've already drawn one (or more) of my characters, you are allowed to use that as means of entering this raffle. Just comment that you want to enter, with a link to the picture/s you've drawn
One picture is enough to be counted as being in the running for this raffle
However, anyone can submit as many drawing as they would like to enter for more chances to win. Plus, more detailed draw

(because it's an event that is lasting until the end of 2017, and I'd like it to get plenty of notice :XD: )


MythPony's Profile Picture
Myth | 25
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
My old account: :iconerelonhart: (very inactive) I used to draw a much wider range of original stories, original speciea, on original worlds with varied and diverse backgrounds. So, for anyone wondering why I "stepped down" to just drawing ponies constantly: it's because ponies just plain make me happier. Drawing and thinking about them actually makes me feel happy, whereas drawing anything else just made me feel "busy."

I make MLP-related artwork for myself (and frequently others) including several stories and comics.
Continue scrolling down the page for a list of my stories-in-progress, and brief descriptions.

You can also find my artwork on:
Myth-Pony Tumblr blog:
MythPony on FurAffinity:…
MythPony on Youtube:…
(I do not upload anywhere but at the links above. Any other "MythPony"s out there, are not me)

Projects in Progress

(note: these are listed in the order in which they were originally created/developed, not when they premiered online)

Daybreak: A New World Turns -cover by MythPony (Artwork for this comic will be getting redone)
Daybreak: A war with shadows has torn apart Equestria for generations, but it looks like it is coming to a close. If only life were that simple. Black Glitter struggles to deal with feeling abandoned while a ferocious enemy makes a final stab at the ponies of Equestria.

Within by MythPony
Within: Dreamweaver, a rather anti-social pony from a small town, has an unusual talisman called the "Dream Pen" which allows her to enter a pocket reality that other ponies call "The Bubble." While inside the Bubble, anything she imagines seems as real as life, but outside of it, she's just seen as the oddball of her hometown. After her family decides it's best she takes a "magical safety class" in Canterlot, "just in case," she is offered exclusive acceptance into a class full of other ponies with... uncommon magical abilities.

Midwinter: Several millennia after "Friendship is Magic" a global winter covers over half of the planet. Dragons and Griffins control the "warm lands" and ponies have adapted to life in the expansive tundra. Follow Lovebird, an arctic pegasus, and see how simple tasks become deadly when the world is covered in an endless winter.

Equinox: There is little in Equestria that matches Princess Celestia and Princess Luna in strength, beauty, and compassion. However, these god-like rulers are capable of so much more. When a tiny foal is found on the castle grounds, the princesses undertake a duty that may be more important than any other they have faced before: raising a prince.

Pony Play: This is a "choose your own adventure" type story. This is a water-decided, feedback-driven "game" that is played through commenting on a sequence of illustrations. It starts out simple with designing a main character to explore the pony nation of Capriole. Few places will be available at the beginning, but more decisions and feedback will unlock new places, ponies, and possibilities! However, there will be some events that watchers/players will not be able to avoid and will have to be played through, which means there is a chance of losing the game. (Fair Warning: This project will take the most time to set up)
[Update] : A few individuals have been selected to play "demos" for the main campaign. While these demos are being posted, whomever is most actively participating in the story may be invited to be part of a group that will get to play as the voice for the entire audience. Meaning that this small group of people will decide what the main character looks like, what they say, where they go, and basically everything that will happen in the full "playthrough" of the "PonyPlay: Capriole" comic. More details on this group, and project, when I'm closer to a release date.

Race by MythPony
Race: For a nomad, everything is fluid; where you go, what you do, even who you are. If you're not careful, the lies you live by can become your reality. A travelling unicorn, selling fake fortunes, makes her way to a little town in the foothills, and thinks that it will be nothing but a stop along the way. She never expects how one athlete may pull her out from the shadows of her lies, and make her heart race.

One detail can change the entire coarse of history. The world turns, and day becomes night.

Some performers rise to the height of fame and fortune, and some are lost and forgotten. An unheard singer has died alone and unknown, but this tragedy is not the end of her story. Years after passing away, her unhappy soul is summoned back to the world, to fulfill a dark contract with a necromancer.


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